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Human grade treats for cats and dogs

Why Choose Baker & Pooch?

All Natural Ingredients

All our products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Human Grade

We believe pets are family, so all our products will only be made to human standards. That means ingredients will be premium and manufactured in human grade facilities.

Recyclable Packaging

We are committed to keeping things as natural as possible, so our all packaging is recycable. The inner bag is made from plant based materials and suitable for your compost bin.

What our customers say..


I can't get enough of Baker and Pooch! The customer service is 5 star. I can't wait order again!

Ally, Biscuit & Brioche

My dogs Wilbur & Mavis love the Baker & Pooch Brewscuits. I love supporting this Australian small business, and my dogs love the products too!

Karen, Wilbur & Mavis

The Baker & Pooch Brewscuits are my dog Leo's favourite. I love them because they're all natural and Leo will do anything to get one

Poppy & Leo

Donating 15% of our profits to support local rescues

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