& Pooch

Welcome to my little start up Baker & Pooch. Originally this idea was about making all natural dog treats from Spent Grain (the left over grain after beer is made that is usually thrown out). My treats were going to be tasty and nutritious as well  as helping reduce the waste by repurposing the spent grain. But, I want my little business to be so much more than the tasty dog treats I make by hand. 

My name is Tania, and along with my family and mini labradoodle Hendrix and two rescue cats Betty and Angel, we aim to provide the best quality treats for your dog or cat to be able to nibble between meals that are not only nutritious but have some health benefits too.

Baker & Pooch is a start up, so bear with us as we build our product range.Currently you'll find our Baker & Pooch Brewscuits which are hand made using the freshest ingredients. One of the key ingredients in our Brewscuits is spent grain. Spent grain is the grain left over from the beer making process. It is high in amino acids, protein and fibre and is often thrown out. Crazy right! Why throw away such a nutritious ingredient, when you can create such delicious treats.The brewscuit flavours are inspired by my dog Hendrix and his dog park friends,Molly (with us in spirit), & Ellie.

Baker & Pooch also ranges our sub brand Hendruki & Co. Hendruki & Co. are meat based treats that are great for dogs and cats. Produced in a human grade facility, Hendruki & Co. sources Australian premium quality ingredients wherever possible. And then there's the packaging, the plastic bags are plant based so perfect for your compost bin. The bags are made from paper so easily recyclable. We are committed to being environmentally friendly so we aim to minimise packaging wherever possible. Finally as a passionate animal lover, Baker & Pooch to give back to our animal community,  so every product sold on the Baker & Pooch website will commit a minimum of 15% of our profits to helping underprivileged animals in  need.  To begin with we will focus our support to small grass roots rescues such as Whiskers & Co and Hurstville Street Cats.  I have been blessed to have been involved in helping rescue and rehome stray cats and have met some amazing people who have committed their lives to helping rescue, de-sex and rehome cats often with very limited funds. Many individuals fund helping stray cats themselves, so it's these people we want to support. 

As our business grows we hope to expand the number of small animal rescue groups we can support. If  you want to share an idea or ask a question please send us an email at Bakerandpooch@gmail.com and tell us what you need and we'll do our best to source it and add it to our range.