Supporting Local Cat Rescues

I was approached in early 2021 to help rescue what was thought to be a small colony of 6 stray cats. They were scavenging around the back doors of restaurants for food as well as being fed by some locals.  Well, those 6 cats turned into over 32 and still counting. The majority of the cats have been removed and successfully rehomed into loving families and proving to be wonderful house cats. My family even adopted one of those cats and we named her Angel. When Angel was found she had a 40% chance of survival as she was in such poor health. Angel was approximately 4-5 months old and was suffering from severe anaemia, hypothermia, anorexia, heart murmur, as well as a flea and worm infestation among other things. After spending more than 2 weeks of just eating, sleeping and receiving lots of cuddles, Angel has recovered and turned out to be one of the most intelligent cats I have ever owned. More importantly she now helps teach my other fosters how to be house cats. Angel even loves my mini Labradoodle Hendrix.

    Street cats are a huge problem in our cities, not only is the quality of life for a stray cat incredibly poor, but they also pose a threat to what little native wildlife we have in our urban areas and parkland a they are competent hunters.

    This is problem has been manifested by irresponsible pet owners who don’t desex their cats and let them roam or just abandon them “to do their thing” not realising that cats have no issue in multiplying on a regular basis. A female cat can give birth to 4 litters a year, so mathematically speaking a breeding pair of cats and kittens if left to their own devices, can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.

    Just as there are many irresponsible people, there are many wonderful people who dedicate their time and money to help manage stray cat colonies. I was so inspired to meet people who regularly feed, and care for stray cats, even paying for their vet treatment and de-sexing. Many of these wonderful individuals also foster cats and work with them to help them adjust into being pets. For the cats that I helped save and rehome, funding was received via the 15% profits donated from sales of our products as well as relying on the generosity and kindness of my local community. In 2021 we managed to raise over $4,000 that helped pay for discounted vet treatment (including de-sexing) for over 30 cats. Although we have only scratched the surface, I would like to think the work done with the support of so many will have helped control some of the cat population that seems to be exploding.

    Baker & Pooch will continue supporting Sydney local based independent rescue groups like Whiskers & Co and Hurstville Street Cats as well as provide support with the help of our customers via our Gift to Give page.

    As our business expands so will our commitment to grass roots animal rescues.

    Proudly supporting

    Some of our rescues